Tamara S AlPachachi
Tamara S. Al-Pachachi is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer living and working in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She uses various mediums to convey a greater story that is often universal in context or relation. Photography is one of her strongest mediums but the type of medium and materials she uses are often in line with the nature of her work. She has used photography, collage, installation, painting, printmaking, audio, and video. 
Her work celebrates the human spirit and attempts even sometimes autobiographically to make sense of her own (and others) human experiences, in the context of society, culture, and our surrounding environment. Investigating concepts of memoir/stories that are personal and often fragmented; points toward a much larger narrative that collectively formed our histories and identities. Being both a diaspora and a third culture kid, she has an innate sense of empathy for people that deal with the universal issues of belonging and acceptance.
She also recognizes the irony and duality of human nature which is fascinating. Love is also grief; passion can turn quickly into hate. Our states are transient and there is beauty in destruction. 
Archival research, oral histories, and visual references (photographs) form the base of her work. Her work, no matter which medium; is multi-layered, and poetic.
Born in Kuwait (to Iraqi parents) and growing up in Vienna (Austria) and London (UK) before moving to Bahrain with her family in 1994, she spent most vacations with her grandmother (in Kuwait and Amman) until she passed away in 2007. The connection to her roots came from stories and, to her, ‘home’ is found in people, not places. ​​​​​​​
Tamara has participated in numerous group exhibitions at respected institutions in Bahrain. She is mostly self-taught having undertaken numerous technical, critical thinking, and writing courses from 2009 onwards. She has a BSc in Business from the University of Bath (UK), and a foundation diploma in Interior Design from London College of Communication, UK. She has done numerous short courses both to hone her technical skills and for inspiration e.g. Graphic Design Portfolio Course at Saint Martins, UK; and Metafora immersive summer workshop in Barcelona. She has both witnessed the beginning of and grew with, the conceptual art scene in Bahrain.