2013 The Lab Bahrain - Photographic Sculpture as part of ALWAN 338, Adliya Block 338 pedestrian area

A farmer from Budaiya and a seller from Muharraq, merged with found backgrounds, synonymous with transcience and life.  
Mat Jacob & Alain Willaume of Tendence Floue worked with 8 Bahraini photographers: Haya Al Khalifa, Sergio Miranda, Noor Al-Bastaki, Wasan Madan, Eman Ali, Sara Kanoo, Isa Swain, Tamara Al-Pachachi; to produce an outdoor walk-through exhibit of photographic projects.
ALWAN was curated by Independent curators, based in Madrid, Sandra Maunac & Mónica Santos - the founders of 'Masasam' (Spaces for Artistic Creation). Installations were specially commissioned for Alwan 338 including projections organized by Lowave, notebook workshops with Atwork and Lettera 27 (directed by Katia Anguelova), a workshop by Osama Esid on 19th-century photographic techniques, as well as collective exhibitions. A collaborative public program organized by the Ulafa'a collective every Saturday during the course of the festival.
The aim was 'collective dialogue' through different artistic disciplines that have the capacity to transform the space we inhabit into an open exchange, and that allows a creative questioning of everyday life and the possibility of new critical approaches and understandings.
A special commission of Park 338 by the architecture studio Spoon hosted several activities throughout the month, including: talks by all participating artists and projections of their works; a video art program centered around the theme of "Everyday Emotions" curated by Lowave; a series of feature films; and open-air concerts by local Bahraini musicians.


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