80cmx80cm photomontage print (of a wall recovering from a fire) on Hahnemuele fine art archival paper.
This black and white abstract photomontage of varied size cracks on a wall recovering from a fire symbolizes the process of healing after experiencing trauma.
One night I woke up to a whirring sound and checked the AC only to feel heat and see a line of fire under the dressing room door. I quickly woke my husband up and carried both my baby and toddler out under my arms only to be told that the apartment was fully consumed in smoke a couple of minutes later. We stayed at a relatives house for a month while the flat walls were scraped down, superficially cleaned and then repainted. After some time, the paint started cracking everywhere as the residue underneath was still there.
People spend the majority of their time ‘cracking’ where a wound re-surfaces and will have to deal with its source to heal. Sometimes even though our outer our image appears fine, like the wall we will keep cracking with deep rooted trauma.

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