Sound installation – 7.14-minute looped audio
AlRiwaq NEXUS educational programme closing exhibition - Bank House 7 Feb 2022
In a traditional, conservative, and close-knit society such as ours, reputation is everything, and privacy is sacred; especially when it comes to the sanctity of marriage. Many important issues cannot be discussed publicly, and sometimes may not even be discussed between the husband and wife themselves. This is partly due to thinking that the other won’t understand or they can bear situations for the sake of their children.
Unhealthy states, especially with a partner, can affect everything you do, as it impacts your sense of worthiness. People, no matter how strong, are naturally affected by their partner's behaviour towards them and most times, mental and physical issues surface in prolonged unhappy situations. Humans are wired for connection and cannot thrive unless happy.  
This sound installation, set in a small hidden storage room under the stairs, is based on extracted phrases from numerous conversations with married women and hints at a much larger conversation that needs to be heard. The tone and sequencing of phrases relay the passive-aggressive nature of the unsaid, fueled with emotions such as anxiety, indifference, and anger. This looped conversation highlights the resentment and issues faced by a couple stuck in an unhealthy relationship, swaying back and forth between normalcy and losing their mind. In reality, the conversation will remain infinitely until they ‘wake up' and choose to be true to themselves.  
Special thanks to Hasan AlHujairi for his technical help, my coursemates Shatha Al-Husseini and Ahmed Ashour for their acting roles to produce the audio piece, William Wells for his guidance, and the many strong women that have added immense value to this audio piece. 

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