2020   Monoprints on archival watercolour paper
The raging pandemic which has killed over 1 million people globally as of September 2020; is further exacerbated by war, natural disasters, and the state of the economy.
People were in a perpetual state of confusion and conflicted on what to believe or how to act. ‘Wear a mask // masks have no effect // shut down all public places // open places for business-sake’ etc.
Fear and safety ultimately equated to being isolated at home, especially in Bahrain’s hot / humid summer meant outdoor spaces activities were extremely limited. Fresh delicate flowers, to lift our spirits, were the only thing ‘alive’ entering our home.
The already delicate flowers would usually live for a week, after which I dried them as they gracefully died. The repetitive cycle of living and dying, beauty and destruction; served as a reminder of the delicate state of our lives now.
The various sized (A3 and A4) artworks are black and white monoprints of dried flower remains collected during lockdown isolation at home in Bahrain.

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