“My series ‘Surfaces’ speaks of the irony and brevity of life wherein good and bad or beauty and vulgarity coexist sometimes even in the same instant and time. Where the Chinese concept of "yin and yang" meaning "shadow and light" illustrates how seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; these forces give rise to each other in turn and in relation to each other.
The natural and gradual process of degradation of surfaces over time produces new forms, areas with shadows and light, some of which are deep and flat, uneven and smooth. Surfaces come into being that resonate impermanence yet beauty. They are analogous to life with its ups and downs, hurts and happiness, beauty, and sorrow. Worn patterns that get created organically but due to their colors and texture, their ethnicity, and an untold tale of their past. Evidence on these surfaces that remain will eventually be discarded or turned into dust; reflecting the transient state of everything in this world. I aim to capture pieces of this evidence, which I find becomes even more pronounced and beautiful in part as an abstract form. Pieces which when repeated in a pattern or used in conjunction with a complimentary piece become complete.”

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